What have I been doing lately?

  • WebPronto (www.webpronto.co.nz)
    WebPronto has been a hobby-turned-job with a bunch of friends who are also passionate about creating pretty but functional websites.
  • WAPC (www.westaucklandparents.org.nz)
    The West Auckland Parents Centre is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping new parents in the area. It’s entirely run by volunteers and I was lucky enough to having been part of it for the past few years as a webmaster/co-ordinator. In the process we have created a new website, complete with a library catalogue and an online shop.
  • ABE (www.abeuk.com)
    The Association of Business Executives is an examination board based in London, providing business and other qualifications for 50,000 students every year in more than 400 colleges worldwide.. It was a wonderful place to work, with never two days the same!
  • IAESTE (www.iaste.hu)
    The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) is an independent, non-profit and non-political student exchange organisation. It provides students in technical degrees with paid, course-related training abroad and employers with highly skilled, highly motivated international trainees. With more than 80 member countries and over 4000 traineeships exchanged each year, it is the largest organisation of its kind in the world.

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